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Oilily is a premium worldwide fashion label that focuses on creative, independent women and women with young families who have a passionate interest in contemporary, artisan fashion. Everything that Oilily does and creates reflects their strong brand personality; a personality that is inspiring, joyful, relaxed, soulful, cosmopolitan, and timeless. Creativity is at the heart of Oilily’s brand essence. Since its launch in The Netherlands in 1963, when it revolutionized traditional approaches taken towards textile design and development, colour harmonizing, and custom print creation, Oilily’s designers have continuously managed to create fresh designs that echo the label’s liberated, expressive, and progressive attitude. Oilily’s collections are distinguished by unique design characteristics that can only be described as artisan, innovative, romantic, and contemporary, these together with a constant attention to detail and premium fabrics, ensure Oilily provides its customers with clothing and accessories of the highest quality. Oilily’s collections offer relaxed, upbeat styles for energetic kids who believe in individuality, self-expression through style, and creative freedom. Bohemian and artistic in spirit, through Oilily girls get to express their imaginative, expressive and active selves through inspiring clothing.